One simple trick that instantly deliver you from the black dots.

Lemon - one of the best gifts of nature, which is actively used not only in cooking. It contains a huge amount of nutrients that are able to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the skin from dead cells of the epidermis, to remove spider veins and improve the complexion. Also, lemon - just a storehouse for problem and oily skin, because the fruit provides it with adequate nutrition and narrowing far. And it acts as a natural purifier and carefully removes the black dots (comedones). Tired every morning in the mirror to consider their problem skin? Take advantage of this natural mask!

You'll need:

mëd; Lemon. Preparation:

1. Take half a lemon from the refrigerator and its smazh mëdom.
2. Wipe the face of this natural composition, focusing on the areas of clusters of black dots.
3. Leave the mixture on your face for 5 minutes and wash with cool water.

This washing helps eliminate a number of problems:

black dots; enlarged pores; pigmented spots; flabbiness; acne mild to moderate severity; dull complexion.


severe inflammation and acne; Open skin lesions; hypersensitivity to the juice of lemon. you do not have contraindications - safely use this simple and effective means! In order to look beautiful do not have to use expensive cosmetics and salon cleaning. Share this article with your girlfriends - they certainly come in handy this recipe!



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