19, important truths for parents of Maria Montessori. All parents read as a prayer!

Maria Montessori - woman, changed the view of the traditional upbringing of children. She is among the four best teachers of XX-th century. The system of relations with the child, which was developed by Maria - very unusual, because she began to work with mentally lagging babies. The technique showed very good results, because of this, many children began to develop as well as their healthy peers.

These wise precepts of Maria Montessori useful read for all parents. And not only read, but also to adhere to them in everyday life. Remember that children are no less deserving of respect adults. Your child will be very grateful to you for that.

1. Children are taught that surrounds them.

2. If the child is often criticized - he learns to condemn.

3. If the child is often praised - he learns to evaluate.

4. If the child demonstrates hostility - he learns to fight.

5. If you are honest with your child - he learns justice.

6. If a child is often derided - he learns to be shy.

7. If a child lives with a sense of security - he learns to trust.

8. If a child is often a disgrace - he learns to feel guilty.

9. If a child is often approve of - he learns to feel good about yourself.

10. If a child often lenient - he learns to be patient.

11. If a child is often cheer - he gains confidence.

12. If a child lives in an atmosphere of friendship and feels necessary - he learns to find love in this world.

13. Do not speak ill of the child - neither with him nor without him.

14. Focus on the development of good in the child so that the result would not be a bad place to stay.

15. Always listen and respond to a child who appeals to you.

16. Respect the child who made a mistake and can now or later to fix it.

17. Be willing to help a child who is in search and be invisible to the child who has found all.

18. Help your child to master the previously untapped. Do this by filling the world care, restraint, peace and love.

19. The treatment of the child is always adhere to the best style - offers him the best that is in you.

Being a parent - not an easy job. When you are difficult, always remember that your child - first and foremost a person, too. Be friends with him, negotiate, explains. These efforts will not go in vain, feeling that you took as a parent - with nothing comparable.

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