Wisdom passed through the centuries: 17 golden rules in the system of education of Maria Montessori.

Increasingly, we're talking about parenting and talented teachers of the past, which left an eternal mark in the history of pedagogy and didactics. The system of child rearing, proposed in the early 20th century Italian educator Maria Montessori, and today has not lost its relevance. The Montessori educational system is widely used in kindergartens, schools and other educational and educational institutions worldwide. It is based on an individual approach, humane treatment, and the unconditional love of a teacher to each child. Here are a few basic precepts of Maria Montessori, which became the core of its well-known pedagogical works:

1. Everything that surrounds the baby has a huge impact on him. I>

2. Do not criticize the child or in his presence or in his absence. Splashing out all the negativity, you teach the kid what normal things - to judge others. I>

3. If you want to have a child has formed its own system of values, often praised him. I>

4. If you want that your child has grown fair, always be honest with him. I>

5. If you make fun of a child - he will develop a variety of systems. I>

6. If a child lives in an atmosphere of love and caring - he learns to receive and give love to others. I>

7. If a child lives in a hostile atmosphere - there will develop aggression, he would love to fight with other kids. I>

8. If a child lives in a friendly atmosphere - he learns to trust others. I>

9. If parents are constantly disgrace child - it will develop a sense of guilt and remorse. I>

10. That the child has learned to believe in themselves, often encouraged him to good impulses. I>

11. If you want to develop in the child patient, treat him leniently. I>

12. Respect the child. Remember, he also has a right to make mistakes. It really can only learn from experience. I>

13. Be prepared to help your child to find himself ... When you need to step aside and give him the opportunity to show independence. I>

14. Encourage baby to the desire to develop. Suppose that every day he learns he had not known yesterday. I>

15. Children - a reflection of ourselves. To show their best qualities, especially when you are close to the child. I>

16. Listen to your child and be patient, answering his questions. I>

17. Let your aim is to develop the best day of his quality, and then the poor simply no room left. I>

This is the golden rule for every loving parent. Take these tips invaluable mental note and give them to others.

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