The fact that it was impossible to miss! Top 10 stations "so simple!" For the year 2014.

In 2014 it was for many interesting articles. Editorial prepared 10 best ones that you need to be sure to read! Maybe you missed something interesting?

10. Photogenic people do not exist. Remember these tips and you'll be well-prepared on each photo!

In this article you will learn how to choose a good pose for a photo. If you do not want to bring bad holiday photos, use these tips.


9. Nobody likes to fill quilt. But this method is so easy that even I can not believe!

Sometimes it is very difficult to force yourself to fill the duvet cover. Well, that is the output people who are tired of eternal torment with him, we came up with a great way in which the problem situation fizzles.


8. Now, any criminal can calculate your PIN-code for a few seconds. Learn how to protect yourself.

If you do not want the offender could easily find out your PIN-code, use this advice. Be careful using your credit card, you have not been able to rob.


7. With this trick you will do yourself a scarf in 30 minutes. Without needles, only hands!

This article will tell you how to tie a scarf, not using needles. You need only your hands, thread and just half an hour to create a warm and beautiful scarf.


6. A lovely way to burn fat at home! And trips to the room you are no longer required ...

If you do not have time for the gym, I try to do at home. This workout requires no additional simulators and work with weight, it you can easily make a home, and even some hot!


5. These 33 tips will help you magic to clean house once and for all!

Forget about the mess. You're not going to look for the right things you around the house, as they will have a specially reserved place.


4. This apartment with an area of ​​8 square meters blow up your idea of ​​a small housing!

The article, which tells you what space savings on the example of the tiny apartment in the world, covering an area of ​​8 square meters. You will be amazed to see how in this tiny space fit a bedroom, a kitchen and even the bathroom.


3. Who hates to clean the oven, will love this device. Radiant shine without extra effort.

Nobody likes to clean the oven. But this method will help you to quickly restore the purity in the filthy place in your kitchen without spending a lot of time and effort.


2. These 33 ideas will make super-house cleaning child's play. Number 12 - a miracle!

You do not like to get out? With these tips cleaning will be easier and at times you will be able to quickly restore the purity in his house. Turn your mind and you almost do not have anything to wash and clean yourself!


1. Most often, we throw away bags of silica gel. But they can be a genius to use!

This article talks about the use of unnecessary (but only at first glance) packets, which we find when buying things or techniques. It turns out that silica - a universal tool that can be used in very different ways. Do not throw these bags, they are more useful to you.


Thank you that you were with us this year. Stay and next, because we have for you there is still a lot of interesting tips, which is to share!

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