In another country? You do not know the language? With this discovery, such a situation is not terrible!

Not so long ago one of the best friends of the traveler, side by side with eternal values ​​like penknife and a few crumpled bills in a sock, joined smartphone. Even without access to foreign mobile networks, and in the absence of a free - and often even any - of the Internet phone is always handy. Of course, if you pick yourself software wisely. So, a few days ago, the arsenal of mandatory application for the traveler joined Google Translate, and all because of one little update. Now you can get instant translation of any printed text, by pointing the camera at him. But the main thing - this feature is also available offline!

Work offline feature is available on Android and iOS. The application supports translations from Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese to English and vice versa. In the future, developers provide support for other languages.

concept, used Google, can not be called innovative. In fact, it is just a development of the ideas of the application Word Lens. The old application, however, will soon lose further support, because it was purchased by a developer corporation last year. Officials Google has confirmed the fact that the idea of ​​Word Lens will be used in the future, bringing a new breath to Google Translate. Now, it turns out, we were shown only the first fruit of their cooperation.

Google Translate gained another important new feature in addition to the already mentioned "fotoperevodov" as they have already dubbed by the press. Additional update concerns the translation of conversations. Previously, each user phrase translator was required personally to choose the desired language. Now wiser programmke only need to define the input data in the beginning of the conversation. For example, if you select English and French application will automatically detect the language you want during the conversation and react accordingly. Not bad!

Finally, fans of go all over the world will breathe a sigh of relief - because they no longer need to fear excessive local Internet tariffs. Share the news with your friends, so that they could travel in comfort!

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