21 of the normal way of doing cans fantastic interior items!

Usually we use glass jars for preserving food for the winter, and has recently become popular to use them also for desserts or cocktails. But you probably never thought that the cans can be made from photo frames or containers of spices. .cc 21 prepared for you an idea how you can use glass jars.

1. Photo Frame

2. Candlestick with floating candles

3. Pencil Sharpener

4. Glowing banks

5. Beach bank

6. Mini-containers for spices

7. Feeders for birds

8. For storage of various details in the bathroom

9. Beehive

10. Torches

11. Chandeliers

12. Salt and pepper

13. Natural fragrances

14. Green area

15. Banks with glow sticks

16. Colorful lanterns

17. Another embodiment of the lamp

18. Hanging Garden

19. Lamps

20. Homemade candles

21. A place to store sewing

With these ideas, you'll be able to create comfort in your home and add a few bright objects to its interior. Use these tips and share them with your friends!

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