This girl-yoga instructor proved to the world that the great weight of the sport is not an obstacle!

Pyshnotelye Jessamine Stanley - the new star of the Internet. She claims that her nemodelnaya figure can also be sporty and agile. «You can not change the body - change the attitude of those around him» em>, - says the girl in his Instagram. Jessamine could overcome their complexes and encourages all women in the world to join her and love yourself. Now the girl-yogi - a certified trainer.

Jessamine is not shy about its magnificent forms.

Engage girl started back in 2011.

«The body is not an obstacle on the path of life, obstacles are just thoughts," - says girl Yogi. em>

Her photographs inspire and motivate people with any figure!

The main thing - Seek!

«Through yoga exercises you will begin to better understand your body». em>

«I believe that we need to show not only skinny yogis, so that more ordinary people had a great desire to do this practice», - em> writes Jessamine.

Example Jessamine inspiring. After such personnel understand that the main thing - desire. Only the thoughts and systems are obstacles.

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