Mercedes smashed. Long Live Mercedes

A terrible accident ... Well, it all went to the driver and passenger were unharmed. Further, the author's text.

Yesterday went under the wagon. Everyone is alive. All are healthy. The first accident in my life, when I'm really glad its consequences.

Around 15.10 in the 358 km of A / D Moscow to St. Petersburg, I wanted to stop by the gas station. Including the right blinker, left sympathetic to the right. On one was tidy, it was snowing. In general - as the sipets slippery. I begin to slow down - as the car was, and is. Apparently, too, without being able to slow down Left me starts to bypass the wagon, but almost all of those hundreds of meters, she was near the rear of the left wing. I'm trying to give the gas and go in front of her - the car stalled, but the rate increased slightly, to climb under the wheels of a loaded wagon, I did not want to. Gas released, the brake has not acquired, I tried to steer - ZERO. As we walked along the roadside and walked. Turning to the gas station: steering wheel on the right, without pedals - a zero, under the gas - zero, turn on bezokolonku slid past the front ass truck. Steering wheel to the left, the brake is clamped, the chatter of ABS ... Beat, the smell of gunpowder ... "Alive?" "Yes, do you?" "Yes».


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