How to extend battery life: 4 Tips to maximize long-term use.

Few of us know how to properly charge the modern gadgets, most of which are lithium-ion batteries. There are two main views: the first - that the battery should always be fully discharged and then recharged to 100 percent, the second - that the device should always be charged at 40-80%, and it needs to be regularly recharged. Why such situation? The thing is that until recently often used batteries and nickel are present in the "memory effect". These batteries are needed to be discharged to zero. And although those batteries, which put in modern gadgets are only 2-3 years old, you can do so that they have served you faithfully for as long as possible. Thus prepared for you 4 practical advice that will help you extend the battery life of your mobile phone or laptop.

1. Regularly rechargeable battery
A device with a lithium-ion batteries can not be discharged completely. The battery will last you a lot longer if you regularly recharge it, as the number of charge cycles (battery life) is heavily dependent on the depth of discharge of the battery. Below is a table, which makes it clear that it is better not to lower the charge to 50% and recharge every time the battery is discharged percent to 10-20%.

2. When the battery is fully charged, turn off the charging
Lithium-ion batteries do not require constant charging to 100%. They will serve you as long as possible, if the unit is always charged within 40-80%. If the batteries are charged at 100%, disconnect it from the network, because this factor strongly affects the life of the battery.

3. Once a month, completely discharge and recharge the battery to 100%
This is necessary to calibrate the device, as after a large number of small zaryadok this function begins to operate correctly.

4. Avoid overheating the device
There is a loss of dependence on the temperature of the battery, in which the device is located. In addition, high temperature adversely affects the life of the battery. Protect it from overheating, and have never worked with a laptop on your lap.

Take a mental note of these tips to the batteries in your gadgets you have served as long as possible, and do not worry, it is not always possible to adhere to these recommendations. There is nothing wrong.

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