Fantastically simple technique that will help you wean a child to interrupt adults.

Children are very impressionable creation and they always eager to talk about what they saw or heard. Therefore, they often run up and just not listening to who and what he says, starting to talk about everything. It is difficult not to agree that it should not be. So today will tell you, once and for all how to wean your child to interrupt adult conversations. We have prepared for you the story of one woman who was told about this technique girlfriend.

«I spoke with his girlfriend, when her 3-year-old son wanted to share something with his mother. Rather than interrupt the conversation, he just put his hand on her wrist and waited. She also put her hand on top and continued to talk. The thought was over and my friend turned to the child. I was delighted! So simple. So soft. It was very respectful and restraining at the same time. The boy had to wait a couple of seconds until the mother finished the sentence, and then she turned all their attention on him. Em>

I told my husband about this, and we immediately took this technique to adopt. We explained to the children that if they need to say anything, but someone was talking, they should just put his hand on our wrist and wait. A little bit of time, patience and the children no longer have to interrupt. And do not be rude phrases like "Do not get involved in the conversation," or "Do not interrupt me!" Just a light touch of the wrist. And everything! » Em>

If your child is often unceremoniously wedged in adult conversation, Teach with him this technique. This will help you grow a disciplined, educated and intelligent man, who will respect other people.

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