Yes, you just fall in love with Patrick cutie - very elderly wombat in the world!

Perhaps you have never heard of a wombat. So, this young one marsupials breed with short legs and tails and attractive face, in front of which is difficult to resist. They live, usually in Avtralii. Wombat Patrick - the oldest of their relatives in captivity ... and very cute.

Patrick lives in one of the reserves Avtralii. And when he was not busy with his marsupials important works, he embraces the employees of the park. It looks like they are the happiest people on the planet!

Wombats look like large rodents.

But they are marsupials.

Their bag is back, in contrast to the kangaroo.

The Wombats, sensing the danger, buried in the first place their bags with cubs.

Patrick 27 years. On average, wombats live up to 20 years. B>

Patrick was orphaned when he was still a child. His mother hit by a car, so rescuers took it out of the bag and brought to the rehabilitation center. Since wombat become tame. He loves people so much that he would not be released into the wild. Every time he comes back.

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