The difference between life and death just 90 seconds. Heart sank when I saw their struggle for life.

This is what is given to you again, but not forever - this is your life! But she is very fragile ... Appreciate it not only for yourself, but for your loved ones, because you are dear to them, and just next to you, they feel safe. I get scared by the fact that now people laugh, cry, hate, sadness or love, and in a moment, all this may disappear - the person can not be ... Sure, it's a shock and a shock for the family. You were there, you were with them, and then you will not ... From life to death is only one step, but this careless step can form an unbridgeable gap between you and the family. It is a life and a death, you feel the difference?

For a moment, when I saw how they they cling to dear life, my heart froze ... The PSA shows how in one moment everything could collapse because of your neglect of his own life. Fasten your seat belt while riding in the car, it may one day save your life, because the family will not always be able to substitute your shoulder. Share this video warning others, to remind them that life - priceless!


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