The man reached tremendous progress, but never learned to live without war ... What is wrong with us?

How often do you think that if it were possible to rewind time back, many mistakes would not have committed? How many wars could have been prevented if people had left no political ambition, religious or racial disputes? And, most importantly, how many children's lives could have been saved? Think about it, looking at this video. And if you think that directly from you nothing depends - believe me, you're wrong. «Imagine that all people live in peace ... Imagine that there is nothing to kill or be killed», i> - more than 40 years ago, John Lennon wrote the song «Imagine», which includes these lines.

Unfortunately, the dream is still Lennon It did not become a reality. Humanity has reached a tremendous progress, but, alas, has not ceased to destroy their own kind. What is it that is wrong with us?

This will help to reflect another video that makes us feel at the site of a girl who has learned from experience what war is.

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