About these animals stopudovo you did not know! 20 new species discovered in 2014, the year.

Scientists say that the Earth has thousands and thousands of species that are to be discovered. 2014 brought us a lot of really amazing discoveries in the animal world - from tiny transparent snails to mammals furry raccoon. Here are 20 of the coolest of them - I guarantee you're not familiar with any of this list, and some do not even have Russian names.

1. Gecko with a sheet-like tail Saltuarius Eximius. This eerie kind of lizard lives in the remote rainforests of northern Australia. Her tail listooobrazny provides excellent camouflage among lichens or tree trunks. B>

2. Actinium Edwardsiella Andrillae. A new species of anemone was found under the ice of the Arctic seas, when a group of researchers tested the new robot. These anemones grow, as it were of ice, tentacles dangling in the cold water - a unique view. B>

3. Woody Olinga. This furry creature - the first new carnivorous mammal discovered in the Western Hemisphere over the past 35 years. B>

4. Skeletal shrimp Liropus Menisculus. This tiny shrimp, reaches a length of a few millimeters, lives in the sea caves on the island of Santa Catalina off the coast of California. B>

5. Transparent snail Zospeum Tholussum. Because of its habitat in the darkness of Croatian caves, this snail has no pigmentation and eyes. Thank you, evolution, because you're so cool. B>

6. Amoeboid protists Spiculosiphon Oceana. Pretty strange single-celled organism. These protists build their own shell of discarded parts of the skeletal jaws. B>

7. City frog with a gold-backed Hylarana Urbis. Those living in the cities of amphibians is one of seven species of golden frogs, leading in Sri Lanka and India. Specifically, these frogs can be found in ponds, surrounded by urban development, however, this does not mean that they have chosen this habitat: it is likely that this species lived there before the cities. B>

8. Fly Tinkerbell Tinkerbella Nana. This tiny fly belongs to the family, there are 1,400 species. If you are surprised - yes, it bears the name sassy girlfriend of Peter Pan, as well as Nana - dogs from this story.

9. Saki Isabel. Despite the fact that the form was initially ranked as 5 Saki monkeys, in a study published this summer, they have 16. Isabel - one of the newly recognized species.

10. Dendrogramma Enigmatical. These mushroom-like creatures were a real surprise to scientists. They were discovered in 1986 in the depths of the seas from Australia, however, it was described and named this year alone. Why so long? They do not fit into any one of the existing species and resemble only long-extinct species. This discovery could change our understanding of the evolution and development of the nervous system tissues.

11. Spider Calaenea. This spider is disguised as bird droppings, nobody do not eat a piece of shit that stuck to the leaf? So far, scientists have not published a full report, but has concluded that it is - a nugget among arachnids. He was found in the Indian tiger reserves. B>

12. It is not yet named fluffy ball. This strange kid was found in Papua - New Guinea in 1985, but was again described as an independent this year alone. What made scientists so long to find the name of this zhivotinku? I would suggest something like, "Damn, that's the nicest guy in the world!» B>

13. Night gecko Paraedura Hordiesi. Living in an old French fort in the northern part of Madagascar, these nocturnal lizards are already threatened with extinction. At the tail of their length is about 10 centimeters, and the walls of the old fort, they cling to using square suckers on their feet. B>

14. Turkish trout Salmo Cottelati. Part of a family of fish that includes salmon and char. Big mouth distinguishes this fish among the 200 species of trout. It lives in the cool waters of Antalya, Turkey.

15. Shrimp-astrologer Mysidopsis Zsilaveczi. Discovered in South African waters, this shrimp looks out for predators with their big eyes the color of peppermint. Hey, Zooey Deschanel, foreign - in the city has a new cutie. B>

16. Subspecies or a whole new look? Bryde's whale. Discovered in an underwater canyon off the coast of Florida, this whale has the genetic differences from any other whale. If you will make it a separate species, it will be a rare whale in the world of about 50 individuals. B>

17. Araguaysky bottlenose river dolphin Inia Araguaiaensis. Another recently discovered and are very small type of dolphin has been found in the Araguaia River basin in central Brazil.

18. Leopard Frog Atlantic coast Rana Kauffeldi. A fine example of an unknown species, living under our noses. Habitat of this frog stretches from Connecticut to North Carolina, but discovered it was on Staten Island. B>

19. Jumping spider Stenaelurillus. Here's another new species of spiders. In order not to frighten Arachnophobia: he, too, was found in the Indian tiger reserves. Admit it: he is charming with these rosy-gray mustache, which he draws partners. If you are going to not be afraid of a spider, then let this be it.

20. Anzu. Last, but not least - a new type of dinosaur that was discovered in the fossil record of North and South Dakota. The dinosaur with feathers and high-crested head, he was named Anzu - Mesopotamian feathered god-demon. B>

From unicellular to primates and prehistoric creatures - there are still many discoveries to come. However, in 2014, was whisked layer of dust covering the picture of the Earth, and we have come closer to understanding who we are and who share the planet. Very interesting, what will bring us in 2015!

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