From the "wild beast" in pets just in the past month: transformation, which is hard to believe.

As you know, there are so-called puppy farms where dogs are bred in very bad conditions with a commercial purpose. Animals that are rescued from such establishments, it is difficult to adapt to the normal conditions of life. Dogs afraid of people and do not want to have nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, after the "puppy farms" dogs can be sent only to shelters, because very few people will want to have at home such pet and help him rehabilitate. Alas, such animals accepted to give up.

But there are people who have a different opinion. In particular, the American organization «ASPCA» helps animals and is committed to preparing dogs to the normal conditions of existence.

Dog named Kokosinka was concluded on the "puppy farms" and had no idea what love is. But soon her whole life changed ...

When employees «ASPCA» Kokosinku taken away from the farm, a dog shaking with fear. The poor animal was so frightened that he was afraid to admit to myself anyone. But, fortunately, these people know their stuff: 3 weeks later the dog was no longer so timid, and it gradually started to learn to walk on a leash.

Kokosinka proved to be very capable student - even after 3 weeks she was not much different from other cheerful pets. Not surprisingly, there were willing to make this little beauty a new member of their family.

We are very pleased that this cute little dog will no longer have to suffer, and now she'll be fine. Of course, people who are engaged in the rehabilitation of animals such as Kokosinka deserve great respect.


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