Top 10 best pictures of wildlife. Each of them - a masterpiece!

In 2014, the year of the jubilee, the 50th annual photo competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which organizes the Natural History Museum in London, brought together talented photographers, professionals and amateurs from all over the world. In honor of the anniversary celebration of the event organizers decided to grant the right to choose the best of the best images to the viewer. That is why they have introduced an additional nomination - "Choice of the viewer" in which their awards were given to talented photographers whose work, according to the audience, were the best.

It presents you a series of dozens of the best wildlife photos in the category "Choice of the viewer." Personally, I can not opt ​​for any one of these images, as each of them - a masterpiece! These photographs of nature stands manpower, who lives on his own, sometimes very cruel laws are not always clear to man. Are you ready to look in the face of this powerful force? Then along with us!

«Morning Stretching" (Stefan Tyungler, Germany)

«Dream sea lion" (Christian Weasley, Mexico)

«flock reef squid" (Tobias Bernhard, Germany)

«unlucky day - bad hair" (Gordon Illg, USA)

«Check for updates at Facebook» (Marcel van Oosten, Netherlands)

«He laid eyes on you" (Mohammed Horshed, Kuwait)

«Dante's Inferno" (Karen Lunni, Australia)

«Hares in Winter" (David Tipling, United Kingdom)

«Kings in the darkness" (Stanley Leroux, France)

«Sverhhischnik" (Justin Black, USA)

The audience turns out to be a great taste! Still not seen so striking and emotionally charged images of wildlife! Bravo photographers who managed to catch those unique moments. These pictures just have to see your friends - share them!


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