Due to this failure of the granny in the supermarket has become a new trend. No one even suspects ...

It seems that the supermarket - it is just a place where you never have to be bored. They found near the shop window shoppers in a superhero costume, you will come to some kind of weird advertising campaign, you come across a creative marketers, you will become ugorayu on price tags that adorn the windows.

Do not rush to think that only in our country can such oddities in large stores. Believe me, any failures happen even to people in the US, when they go shopping in the supermarket. But their trip to the shops samobsluzhivaniya equates to a family tradition! The team wants to show you how, once having made a mistake, you can think of ... the trend of the season!

It all started with the fact that appeared on the Internet a photo of a woman who mistakenly used the wrong basket for shopping at the supermarket. Rather than carry luggage in the hands of a woman ... just dragging it along the supermarket display cases and counters. B>

Take a closer look, because there are no wheels! However, after some time, the supermarket workers have noticed that this is not an isolated case, but a trend ...! B>

Users simply drag his basket across the supermarket as if nothing had happened!

Seriously, these adults can not understand such elementary things?

These innocent baskets do not deserve such abuse!

It seems that these people are not even aware that they are doing something wrong. They did not even bother fact that the baskets do not have wheels, which would allow them to move freely supermarket. On the other hand, why would such a long handle was invented? Apparently, there is still need to recognize that those who are engaged in the design baskets for this retail chain, did not consider some of the nuances.

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