At first glance, this ordinary self. But we need only look ... The horror!

The whole Internet is now teeming with all sorts of self, or as they are affectionately known, many young people - sebyashkami. It is this kind of self-portrait, which is imprinting itself on the camera. There just is not self meet the Web: distraught owners of smart phones with front camera every day invent new ways to shock ridiculous and shocking their subscribers. Here you will find and bold nude photos of themselves, and pictures in unlikely places (eg in space, under water, at the crater of the volcano), photos with celebrities made outstretched arm, and even self-portraits of animals who have mastered this simple art of Joneses. < br />
It should be noted that sometimes people are just the same on the murderous deeds to make the coveted image. And then perforce asks questions: first, whether a picture to risk their lives, and secondly, you have left these fools any brains.

Today will tell you the story of a few photos that appeared recently in a social network on a page of a girl. These shots cause far ambiguous feelings.

According to most girls, she, along with a group of people are on the beach. Suddenly people noticed in the distance something huge and incomprehensible. Coming closer, guys realized that it was a giant carcass of a dead whale, aborted the waves on the beach. B>

This large prey - incredible luck for many predators, so soon on the bank there was a pack of hungry polar bears. As they say on the catcher and the beast running. B>

Belosherstnye predators do not hesitate and at the same moment began to rend their sharp fangs corpse whale. It is not a sight for the faint hearted! B>

Instead of horror and fear scoot to the bloody scene, the girl did not come up with nothing better than ... to capture it all on your smartphone! The absurdity of this situation, there is no limit. B>

I'm sure all those who follow the page of the girls in social networks, "layknuli" this photograph. Not every day, lucky to take a picture against this background. B>

I do not know you, but I'm viewing these photos are very ambivalent. On the one hand, what a bold and fearless you have to be to not run aimlessly, far away from this terrible place and bloody spectacle. On the other hand, think of doing self against this background - the height of absurdity and lack of measure gray matter in the brain. The world seems to have gone mad ...

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