This is the driest desert in the world ... What you see today - a rare natural phenomenon!

As the proverb says, everything comes to those who wait. Often, already he lowered his hands and lost hope, fate presents you the desired right on a silver platter. Desert - is infertile, sun-scorched place where rarely gone before. There is a feeling that there is nothing alive. But recently in one of the driest deserts in the world - the Atacama, which is located in Santiago de Chile, could contemplate just the same unprecedented spectacle - flowering plants. Turns out under favorable conditions, it happens about once a year.

Suddenly, in this hopeless place scoring a stream of life. The entire desert seems alive and covered with a carpet of yellow and purple flowers. All it managed to capture the talented photographer Guy Tal. Look at this rare sight, he and admire this natural phenomenon.

With a favorable combination of all factors in the desert bloom can last from September to December.

Tourists often disrupt these flowers to take them as a souvenir, but the plants do not survive anywhere else.

The four-day journey through the Atacama Desert will cost no less than 500 $.

Nature never ceases to amaze us! How many total unknown on the planet! Show your friends a unique spectacle that manages to not see everyone.


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