Top 15 coolest dads, who are willing for their children to go to the end of the world ...

Being a dad - It's not a field. Parenting requires not only the fathers of maturity and responsibility, but also an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and enormous sacrifices. For that just did not go loving fathers for their children! If these daddy passed a paternity test, a rigorous examiner would put them their well-deserved 5-plus machine. They do not just make a child happy master, in this regard, they - the real guru! There is a sense that parental worries them a thrill! It's an incredibly tough 15 daddies who are willing to go for the sake of their child to the end of the world ... I take off his hat to them!

The Pope, who decided to go with her daughter to the concert of One Direction. Now I know what it looks like pain ...

This man is enjoying a cup of tea with her little daughter.

This is a brilliant and very myagenko Daddy.

Lucky that sultry summer day was a welcome dose of coolness.

It daddy princess.

A loving dad who does not cost anything to become a coloring book for little daughter.

Or the Pope as Princess Leia.

Well, or the Pope, to transform into Wonder Woman.

But the patience of the Pope with a bow can only envy.

It is a dancing dad.

The Pope, rolling around with her baby on the board.

It is an eccentric, who decided to put their child on such a suit.

This is a father in the guise of the Queen Elsa.

This is the daddy of all trades.

This is a stylish Daddy.

Such Pope - the dream of every child! How much love and care they give their baby! They have a lot to learn, not only the young but already seasoned parents. Tell us about these fathers-heroes your friends!

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