25 sentimental pictures that accelerate the heart rate. After those shots I want to live!

Probably no one would argue that some of the pictures left an indelible mark in the memory of man. Indeed, in these frames like those frozen fraction of a second, which played a decisive role in the lives of certain people. Today, the collective online magazine found for you on the Web extremely touching photos, which can not watch it calmly. They produce a huge range of emotions, from aching pain due to severe loss to delight the triumph of the human spirit. These shots, I'm sure, and make you shed a tear and a smile, and even shudder. Do not be shy of their feelings, looking at these photos: here speaks heart. Catharsis pure waiting for you ...

I want so much to see the sea ...

Brother's brother - is taken as a basis!

From generation to generation ...

And he deserves an invitation to a celebration of life!

The care she and concern in Africa

Men do not cry?

Stand at attention in front of a lady!

Only he knows all the bliss of life, who he stood at the edge of the abyss.

Who does not want, he is looking for the cause. Who wants to - looking for an opportunity. B>

Mother, please, just live.

And who was there said that there is no love?

Through the thorns - to the stars!

When words are unnecessary ...

This is what it wants to live!

Users create their own barriers ...

The first breath of a new life ...

Fidelity, which can be entered into the Red Book.

What do you know about the dedication?

Laughter win even death!

The last passenger

Do you still have excuses?

Sam dies, and save your comrade.

I never tire guard your peace ...

In this world there is still a chance!

You and I are two different drops of water alone ...

After viewing these pictures are not you ashamed of their petty grievances and snot? Do you still have a problem? In our world, everything is relative. The main thing that unites these pictures - life in all its manifestations. This is a great gift bestowed upon us the heavens, so we need to appreciate it with all my heart! We recommend that you show these pictures to all sentimental close: in such a second thought about something eternal.

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