How to educate children of different zodiac signs. It turns out that stars to blame!

I do not know how you feel about horoscopes, but at least one useful fact about them, I can give. If you have something does not work out, it is always possible to fall down all the stars. This, of course, a joke, especially when it comes to raising children. Today editorial team a parent prepared horoscope. We suggest you take a look at how to raise their children the different signs of the zodiac. With this material you will understand what educational shortcomings or advantages have those or other representatives of the zodiacal circle. Well, or just be able to compare how your methods of education coincide with your sign. In general, start as always ...

1. Aries

If Aries born quiet and obedient child, the photos of their families can be hung on the local board of honor. Just Aries believe that senior always right, and if the child agrees with this, no problems will arise in his upbringing. Even eternally dissatisfied mother-in-law will not be able to say anything wrong. But when the child is active and unruly, the Rams fall into a stupor and can easily lose control of the child. In such cases, the parents of the second half of Aries get plenty of opportunities to make their comments.

2. Taurus

Taurus in their chadah doted, sometimes even too much. Children of Taurus are always the best, and if the opposite happens, the blame all by anyone, not just themselves, and not their Taurus rebyatnya. School teachers quietly hide under the table when it comes to the Taurus, to talk about why their child assessment is less than that of its neighbor's party. So kids do not need the older brothers or sisters. With this role an excellent job of their parents.

3. Gemini

For the Twins do not have much of a difference between the people in general and children in particular. They prefer to be friends with their child. And if this goal is impossible to achieve, it is always possible to send a son to his grandmother, at least for a weekend. But for children parent-twin seems deity. He will always make a choice, buy ice cream and a ride on the car, and even with him, you can endlessly play extremely develop the game of "who continue to spit from a balcony».

4. Cancer

If one of these days a child cancer itself becomes a parent, that fact does not prevent the representatives of this sign to remember where is first sheared curl their beloved. The whole house is packed with tips from Spock, Komarovsky and Gippenreiter. None of this literature is simply impossible to grow a normal and healthy member of society. Social networks crabs parents clogged the pictures, which were signed: "I am my mother's handsome!" Or "we eat applesauce ...". And let the day Cancer has lost half of its subscribers, it's only because of envy ...

5. Leo

The fact that a child of Leo is the best - it's a no-brainer, but it is not enough. It is necessary that every second all around is emphasized. It is for this reason that children Lions are going to school in 4 years, and 17 have already defended his thesis. Finally a little reminder for the heirs of the king of beasts: if your parents physics, and you decide to become a designer, remember that the Lions with one easy movement can tear your head off ...

6. Virgin

Once the joke went that morning after a small earthquake parents tell his son that night they got up and ran into the street, but it did not wake up, because it was a pity. So, this joke about anyone, but definitely not about Dev. Representatives of this sign in order to save the heir, carried him along with the bed, but still so low that he would not wake up. In general, the Virgin is very caring parents, a little too careful. But they grow cool kids. True, they are learning from childhood to lie about the hat that suits, and about a sandwich that is eaten, and that the endless calls to the strong.

7. Scales

When it comes to children, the entire indecision of Libra somewhere disappears. For the sake of their offspring, and they are willing to go through the wall and to the pediatrician to get in any weather. Family at Libra in the first place. They, along with the Aquarius, are considered to be better parents. In general, interesting writing about them. Well, it is interesting, but a little tingle and envy.

8. Scorpio

Everyone knows that the Scorpions have the charisma of the size of Everest. This fact feel even babies, which greatly facilitates the postpartum period. The only inconvenience for Scorpios may be the fact that the child is not able to until late at night to drink wine with them and argue about the impact on the work of Goethe, Bulgakov. But this disadvantage will soon pass, children quickly learn the Scorpions.

9. Sagittarius

Archers - it is always the children, even if your passport says otherwise. Only adults Archers ready to answer for the fact that a neighbor knocked eye makeshift boom. So Streltsov unique approach to education. If a child zaoret the entire bus, half marks will run to calm him down, the second half will pretend that it is not their child and only Archers will compete with him in the volume of shouting.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are very fond of their children. But they did not believe that their appearance should something change. That is, the baby is, of course, well, nice pens, fingers, diapers, syusi pusi, but my lesson in orienteering can not move, so he would go with me since childhood and will learn something new. If you ever see a kid who pulls into his carriage tarantula, it means that one of his parents is not only arachnology, and Capricorn.

11. Aquarius

Children - this is the meaning of life for any of Aquarius. When the child is small, Aquarius will do everything to have been an heir and a new gadget and a good education. And when he grows up, Aquarius without any hysterics let the child to float freely. In addition, Aquarius necessarily know a bunch of ways of tying pigtails become active participants in the class of the parent committee, but it will be able to raise a child so that they adored. In short, the ideal parents to disgust even enrage bit.

12. Fish

Children of Pisces to be the best of everything, even if they fish at the same die of hunger. They are very afraid to seem poor parents, so if the forum someone too complains that he can not swaddle the baby, then it is most likely fish. Smart Fish are able to laugh at his shortcomings, but still at any moment can hit the ceiling and buy a new baby monitor for $ 700, because the old one was 500 and it was a month.

These are the parents can get from representatives of different zodiac signs. We believe that every person, regardless of the horoscope does absolutely everything for their child. If you agree with this, then tell me about this stuff to their friends.

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