Space within us: the life of an organism, an increase of 10 million times.

The human body, perhaps, can be compared with the cosmos. In nëm there are constant changes live their organisms managed unknown to us laws, appear, disappear, are in constant motion (like a planet vast solar system) ... American studio XVIVO, which is engaged in the creation of scientific animation showed the world another unique project called "Structure rights ", increasing the part of the human body is 10 million times. Perhaps is the case when you want to say, "It's scary beautiful»!

1. Microscopic ripening process mitochondria inside cells. Fascinating, is not it? B>

2. Auditory neurons - cells that detect vibrations in the air. In other words, we hear it through these cells. By the way, their extinction leads to irreversible deafness. B>

3. Pericytes (green) controls the blood flow inside the capillaries. Such small, and such important! B>

4. Multipotent stem cells of the brain responsible for the production of all blood cells. Terrific! B>

5. Virus in humans. No comments yet. B>

6. Kinesin protein was able to move across the cell. He is involved in many processes, starting with cell division before the transfer of certain substances within them.

7. The microscopic virus. He can multiply inside bacteria. So where did the directors so many ideas for horror film! B>

These photos are not just fascinating - they give us to understand how vsë still unique creation of man! Be sure to share this article with your friends. Who knows, maybe they are inspired by something brilliant?

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