Al Capone and his camera

I present to you two chambers, which served time most famous Ganster last century.

Let me remind you that Al Capone - an American gangster in force in the 1920-1930-ies in the Chicago area. Under cover of the furniture business engaged in bootlegging, gambling and pimping. Bright representative of organized crime United States, was born and existing there under the influence of the Italian Mafia. Also known by the nickname Scarface.

Al Capone was arrested in Philadelphia in 1931 for possession of weapons and tax evasion (the second was charged later). After 9 months, he called this camera in the Eastern state labor camp home. The head of the colony and the guards made an exception for Capone during his stay, allowing him to keep in his cell paintings, tables and lamps, velvet duvet, easy chair and an expensive radio. Capone loved to listen to waltzes after dinner.

In 1934 he was transferred to Alcatraz in this camera. He was finally stopped mafia boss and become a despised prisoner for that much quickly broke down, and even worked as a janitor. His so-called "boss with a mop" In 1939, he was released due to the fact that almost completely paralyzed gangster because sifiisa. In 1947 he died.



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