10 photos of the terrible history. When you view them compressed heart.

For each, even the most banal photograph is a unique story of its creation. Basically, the photographs depicted cheerful and joyful events in our lives, but the appearance of some of the photos associated with incredibly terrible events. Even for harmless, at first glance, frames may be hiding very terrible story of their creation.

Edition Ofigenno.cc will acquaint you with dozens of photos, learn the history of the appearance of which you will not be able to sleep peacefully ...

June 11, 1963 Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc committed self-immolation in protest against the repressive regime of President of South Vietnam - Ngo Dinh Diem. It happened on one of the busiest intersections in Saigon. The motive for such an act served the brutal dispersal of a peaceful demonstration of Buddhists in Hue a few days earlier. Photos burning Duc have been published in many foreign newspapers and attracted the world's attention to the religious problem of South Vietnam.

The remains of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov
The second flight into space Vladimir Komarov proved fatal for him. April 24, 1967 while returning the "Soyuz-1" on the ground at the descent capsule failed to open the main parachute and the reserve canopy entangled in the straps. As a result of hitting the ground the unit caught fire. Charred remains of Vladimir Komarov were taken to Moscow. Urn with ashes of astronaut was immured in the Kremlin wall. But the work at the scene continued, and after some time managed to find a few fragments of the body. They were buried in the desert on the spot death of a cosmonaut.

Buzzard near a dying girl
During the famine of 1993 in the Sudan, South African photojournalist Kevin Carter made this terrifying picture. The girl's parents at the time were busy unloading the airplane with humanitarian aid and left her starving child unattended. At this time, next to the girl he landed vulture. As you know, these birds are scavengers and guard the dying victims, waiting for the imminent feast. This image brought photojournalist Pulitzer Prize. However, after that it inundated with accusations of inhumanity. Kevin Carter could not stand the pressure of the public and three months after the award has committed suicide.

The members of the expedition "Terra Nova" at the South Pole
This last lifetime photograph polar explorer Robert Scott and his team. Hoping to become the pioneers of the South Pole, Scott and his colleagues made several fatal mistakes in the preparation of expedition of. As a result, when returning from the pole back to the shore team was exhausted and in full perished in the ice of Antarctica. Ironically Robert Scott is not even able to come to the pole first. He managed to beat the Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

Group Kamikaze
At first glance, this picture unremarkable. However, the attitude changes when you learn that a photographer captured the students' school kamikaze ". 17-year-old Corporal Yukio Araki, who pictured holding a puppy in her arms, the next day went to his first and last flight ...

Buddhist monk during a funeral ceremony
November 25th, 2011 at the China Shanxi Taiyuan railway station right in the waiting room of a man's body was found. For a long time around we thought he was just resting. Suspected something was wrong until after he took too long to me uncomfortable posture. As it turned out, by the time a man has long been dead and help him was impossible. In the waiting room turned out to be a Buddhist monk, who sent the deceased on his last journey, having a special ceremony.

A girl from the camp draws its "home┬╗
This photo was taken in 1948 at the orphanage, which hosted the rehabilitation of former prisoners of concentration camps are small. On the instructions of teacher girl had to paint his house. However, Teresa grew up in a concentration camp (the name of the girl) has represented something like a coil of barbed wire.

In this image Mary Makkuiken pictures of his brothers Michael and Sean Moreau on a cliff top in the California National park "Sequoia". Just a moment they will get an electrical discharge of lightning. Of the three managed to survive only to Michael (pictured right), and his brother and sister were killed.

Death Photo mother and child
At first glance it seems that this is a common picture. But in fact, my mother with her baby photographed after their death! In Victorian England, such post-mortem photographs were fairly common. Photo studios even had special supports, which allows to keep the body upright. Woman and child depicted in the photo, died during childbirth. If you look closely, you will notice that its "eyes" are actually painted over the closed eyelids. Often the dead to open their eyes shot and buried them in a special agent to the mucosa and does not dry out the eyeballs are not mutneli. And sometimes even cut off for ever and a better frame.

The suicide on the bridge
Newspaper reporter shot a thick fog over the Yangtze River in Wuhan, and its lens accidentally hit a man, who at the time ran down, to commit suicide. A few seconds after it has jumped and his girlfriend ...

From the stories behind these photos, it is a truly creepy. Show the fateful shots to your friends, because you need to know the history in order to prevent its recurrence.

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