Lips of an infant speaketh the truth! 20 principles of proper education of the child's eyes.

Education of children - a rather complicated process. It is always difficult to predict whether you are enrolled in a given situation. Sometimes it is appropriate rigor, in other cases it is easy to treat misdemeanor baby. It is not always easy to find a middle ground in relation to the child - he's my favorite, but still turn a blind eye to the moodiness is not necessary.

There is no ideal education: it is a delicate and relative. You just need to listen to our most colors of life - they know exactly how to handle them. Find out what we advised the children themselves. Let unexpected, but true!

1. It is not necessary to fulfill all my wishes. So fast izbaluesh me.

2. Do not be afraid to contact me straightforward.

3. Be careful that I'm not used to bad habits, then it will be difficult to wean.

4. Do not let my mind seemed unnecessary. Because of this, I behave worse.

5. Do not make me notes in public. I understand everything when we remain alone.

6. There is no need to make me feel like my mistakes - this is a very terrible crime.

7. allows me to learn from my mistakes.

8. No need to urgently take my little quibbles: you just want to talk with you.

9. Do not be offended when I say hate. I love you, but sometimes I am angry with your power over me.

10. Do I need to repeat the basic things a hundred times, because I pretended deaf.

11. Do not promise me anything. I can very upset if you can not perform.

12. Be patient, if I can not describe in detail something. I'm still growing.

13. There is no need to demand the truth from me angry tone. With fear and I can lie.

14. Be persistent and teach me this.

15. Answer my questions, or find answers in the not so good places.

16. It is not necessary to assume that my fears - nonsense. Let them small and not important to you, but I would be afraid if I do not understand.

17. Do not pretend ideal. You make mistakes, too.

18. Do not think that an apology in front of me - it's something beneath your dignity. I learn by your example.

19. allows me to experiment more. So I quickly develops.

20. And most importantly - do not forget that I grow up happy just surrounded by people loving each other. But, I'm sure you know it.

Even you can not argue with these points. The happiness of our children is really in our hands. Share these principles with your friends! I think it would be useful to know.

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