The world's first stealth aircraft

Any war is a huge impetus to the technological development of each participating country. The arms race leads, in turn, to a burst of innovation, which penetrate all spheres of life and peace. World War II was not only one of the most terrible historical events of the New Age, but also a catalyst for the many technical innovations that we use and still.

Not all developed while armed in time, fortunately, see the light. Some projects have remained unfinished, and their authors - unjustly forgotten. One of these was the world's first stealth aircraft, which is being developed by German experts. Model Horten Ho IX, Arise it into the sky on alert, could well turn the whole course of the war. Fortunately, this did not happen. We decided to tell you the story of this unusual aircraft that became the prototype of the currently existing advanced stealth fighters and bombers.

Who is the author

The creators of the world's first aircraft with the body "flying wing", the brothers Walter and Reimar Horten, were natural-born airmen. Lovers in the sky designers looked with skepticism at the contemporary airplanes, considering that the present form is not perfect and does not allow the pilot to full power over the machine. Horton began to develop the project further in the civilian world, and continued in the Luftwaffe, where they were met by finding quite complacent.

Remove all unnecessary

Back in 1931, the talented brothers have developed and released into the sky their first glider on a proprietary scheme. It is a successful Hörten I was their ticket to the design bureau of the Luftwaffe, although other engineers Horten enthusiastic, to put it mildly, did not share. Those insisting on the fact that certain forms of clean wing will meet much less drag than the standard form of the wing. At one of the meetings, Walter said that in general all aircraft except the wing is absolutely unnecessary superstructure - this phrase has become history.

The first flights

Already in 1937 the first Hörten II saw the sky. The next model, Hörten III, became the final model on which was built the mysterious aircraft of the Luftwaffe. Of course, he was very far from perfect. Steel tubes served as the basis of the whole structure, and the very wing was wooden. This did not prevent Hörten III successfully perform at several competitions, indirectly confirming the correctness of fellow engineers.

Invisible in the sky

Serial production Horten Ho IX involves the use of innovative ways to trim the aircraft. Combined paneling looked like this: two outer layers of plywood and a half millimeters, and between them the 12-millimeter layer of a mixture of sawdust and charcoal impregnated with glue. This coal was the main secret designers - he had to interfere with the Allied locators see the plane in the sky.

Features Horten Ho IX

Powerplant: 2 004V Jumo turbojet thrust of 900 kgf
The scope and size of the wing 16, 8th and 50, 8 m2,
Aircraft length: 7, 45 m, height - 2, 8 m
Maximum takeoff weight: 9000 kg
Maximum speed: 945 km / h
Cruising speed: 685 km / h at an altitude of 10,000

Flight distance from discharged tanks: 3150 km


Model Horten Ho IX has a very impressive array of weapons. Next to the engine were installed as many as four large-caliber gun MK-103, and a central office designers have provided a place for a couple of bombs, SC 1000, which can be replaced, and extra fuel tanks.

As conceived by the designers, this should be enough to turn the Horten Ho IX in the present master of the sky. Actually, if the project was finished a little earlier, agility and speed of the aircraft could play a key role and make Germany the dominant party in the air.

End of story

Brilliant on the idea, the world's first stealth aircraft with jet engine never saw combat. Located in Fridrihsrode factory he was captured by American troops - engineers allies were unpleasantly surprised what he saw a machine that could deliver troops huge trouble. Dismantled parts of the model Horten Ho IX was taken to the United States. In this structure, apparently, and the creators of the famous local relied stealth Northrop B-2 Spirit, also uses the design of the wing.


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