Mustang with an electric motor of 800 horses

Apparently tuners power of Bloodshed Motors Ford Mustang 1968 release seemed enough, once they have decided to increase the productivity of American. True rukastogo craftsmen did not finalize the standard 7, 0-liter Cobra Jet V8, and shoved his place electric power of 800 hp

General electric power unit is capable of providing about 1,500 hp, but the tuners were afraid that the Mustang just does not stand this, and so we decided to bring the power up to 800 hp at 1800 Nm traction.

With 800-horsepower electric motor muskulkar American who called Zombie tuners 222, capable of accelerating to a hundred in just 2, 4 seconds. For comparison, a standard Cobra Jet V8 engine produces 340 hp and 597 Nm of torque.


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