Luxury hotel in the old Il-18

Airplane Suite is IL-18 1960 model year converted into a hotel. Plane body has a length of 39 meters and is located at the airport Teuge, Netherlands. During his life, the aircraft served by the airline Interflug from 1964 to 1986, visited a number of countries such as Cuba, Russia, China and Vietnam, and could accommodate up to 120 passengers and 4 crew members. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, for 15 years the aircraft is an exclusive restaurant, while in 2007 the company was not priobriten Now the plane is a luxurious suite is designed for two people.

Airplane Suite offer all the modern conveniences: shower, whirlpool, infrared sauna, mini-bar, 3 TVs, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and around the clock customer service. But let's agree - the level of service is not something that is worth to book holidays in Airplane Suite. Here you can sit in the cockpit, held at the helm, and in the end, it's a real airplane! Unfortunately prices are not voiced "loud" is merely a form of armor, but it is understood that this holiday can not be cheap.


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