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Several well-known people from the world of IT-business вложились in "nevysokotehnologichny" startup in San Francisco called Nebia. The essence of business a small company that employs six people, is the production of a special nozzle on the shower, which leads to significant water savings. Development has already received some recognition: it is used in campuses Apple, Google and Stanford University. Probably because of this, investors became Nebia CEO Apple Tim Cook, who has invested in Nebia his personal funds, and fund of Schmidt Family Foundation, which was founded and is supported by the former CEO Google Eric Schmidt. In addition to round finasirovaniya attended and well-known venture capital fund YCombinator.

The company also recently launched Nebia сбор funds on Kickstarter, intending to raise $ 100,000 for the release of its attachments on sale next spring. One of the main advantages of the new soul, stress in the description, in addition to its economy, is its sleek design. It looks so Nebia:

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Its use:

Journalist New York Times, who personally tried a novelty, said that in contrast to the usual shower when water is supplied under some pressure, nozzle Nebia breaks the flow of water to a number of very small droplets, forming a kind of thick wet fog (the word «nebbia» Therefore Italian means "fog"). The whole feel of the use of the new economical soul remained positive. Assessment of water savings by using Nebia reaches 70%, despite the fact that due to the "spray" water droplets fall on a much larger area of ​​the body than with conventional shower. If the average shower requires 75 liters of water, then Nebia eliminates 22 liters.

The core Nebia are three people. Actually it considered the inventor of Carlos Gomez Andonegui (Carlos Gomez Andonaegui), who worked in his time as head of the sport club in Mexico City. There he encountered a shortage of water, which together with his father for two years and has developed a nozzle. Later, he met Philip Winter, who worked in the project Toilets for People, which develops dry toilet for the developing countries. The third person in the company has become Gariel Parisi-Amon (Gabriel Parisi-Amon), a former employee of Apple, is working in the division iPhone.

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