The cycle path from solar panels length of 70 meters for six months can provide electricity for the house for the whole year

The creators of the technology SolaRoad, have placed the bike path with solar panels near Amsterdam, estimated results of the first 6 months of the experiment: leaf length of 70 meters generates electricity, enough to house one person for a year.

Moscow, equipped with such panels could provide electricity for 54,000 Muscovites.

In November 2014 the company the company TNO and two Dutch companies placed the bike path from the solar panels 25 km from Amsterdam. Cloth length 70 meters consists of modules of 2, 5x3, 5 m, solar panels themselves are protected centimeter layer of tempered glass - it can withstand the weight of the truck. By 2016, the plan to extend the length of cycle paths to 100 meters.

Specialists with the help of this project examined the performance of the technology SolaRoad. She found the drawbacks: the protective glass tends to flake off when the temperature changes.

For the six months дорожка has generated 3000 kWh - enough to provide electricity to the house for one person for a year. Track Area - 3, 5 x 70 = 245 square meters. The area of ​​the Moscow ring road is 4,410,000 450 square meters. Moscow, equipped with the likes of panels with similar properties could generate around 54,005,510 kWh. Average electricity consumption per inhabitant Russia in 2013 was 1,000 kWh: the road to the Ring Road area could provide electricity for 54,000 Muscovites of the 12 million inhabitants of the city.

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