Domestic battery systems Tesla can lease rather than sell

Tesla plans to take over the world promoting their battery systems for the home can include plans for delivery of such systems users rent . These systems are likely to be presented at the conference, which Tesla planned April 30 (information about the conference will be published later). However, some systems are ready, and 300 copies of such batteries already leased company SolarCity (a subsidiary of Tesla).

Rental program includes an initial payment of $ 1,500, followed by breaking up payments for 10 years, with a monthly payment of $ 15. At the same time in 10 years by paying $ 3300 instead of $ 13,000 (the total cost of such a system). Part of the cost of the system will be compensated by energy companies who support the idea of ​​universal introduction of storage systems that can reduce peak loads on the energy infrastructure of cities and regions.

What can the installation of such a system at home? There are several options. The first - the accumulation of 15 kWh of energy from renewable sources (if any) that allows you to store excess energy and not give it to the network (for which energy companies sometimes pay, sometimes not). In addition, the battery system can be recharged in the hours when energy is cheapest, and use this energy when the energy company supplying it at the maximum price.

The average US household consumes 30 kWh of energy knocks, which means you can provide the right amount of energy during peak hours and the time when the most expensive energy. The system has and UPS, allowing electricity to your home or office will, even when the local energy infrastructure is having problems.

Now Tesla continues to build its "Gigafabriki batteries" in Nevada. Productivity of the enterprise, according to plan, will reach 50 million kWh batteries per year by 2020. Batteries will be available on the company Tesla Motors, for use in electric vehicles, and the companies that will be engaged in the assembly and delivery of storage systems for households.



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