Ancient ritual

In a small provincial town of Castillo de Murcia (Castrillo de Murcia), that in Spain, at the end of spring 22 to May 25 each year passes one of the most bizarre religious rituals. This ritual is dedicated to one of the most important Catholic holidays - Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi). Ancient ritual El Kolachev (El Colacho) collects residents and tourists from all over the world. Artist of the ritual in the yellow-red suit (this is Kolachev) with a whip or a club in his hand passes through the city to the sound of the drum. Rhythm, slugger during passage Kalachov can enter into a trance. Once Kolachev comes to the central square, it is a running jump over babies who have not yet turned six months. Children previously placed in a row on blankets or mattresses spread on the ground. Residents believe that, jumping, Kolachev carries childhood diseases and takes all evil with them.

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