In Tesla reported sales: 3 months in 2015 were sold 10,030 electric cars

Yesterday, the company released the official Tesla пресс-релиз on the results of the first quarter of 2015. According to him, it sold 10,030 electric cars, and sales growth thus amounted to 55% compared to the same period last year. The figures of the report are given with high accuracy (error may occur in approximately 1%), because the company itself sells electric cars. Due to this independence in the future, Tesla plans to publish quarterly sales for three days after the end of the quarter.

In early February it became known , that Tesla is experiencing serious problems with sales in China - in the month sold about 120 electric cars. In this regard, a number of top managers must be willing to part with their jobs, if the trend will continue. Last but not least it was due to poor organization of the Chinese division of the company. For example, a resident of Shanghai Sunny Zhang (Sunny Zhang) жалуется, that he was only in September got my hands on the car he bought in April.

In late March, Elon Musk признал, his expectations of the Chinese market was overvalued because of erroneous information received from local retailers. In addition, significant obstacles and provides local bureaucracy: about 1600 vvezёnnyh to vehicles could not get to their owners due to licensing issues. However, does not intend to retreat Musk. He still believes the Chinese market a priority for the company and go with him is not going to.

A couple of days ago Elon Musk wrote a tweet in which reported , that in late April, his company will show a new product and & quot; ... it no car & quot ;. This statement immediately responded market and securities Tesla rose by 4% for 10 minutes. Thus, the company's capitalization mask increased $ 900 million due to only one tweet.



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