Thailand: how easy is it to travel independently

It is believed that the best vacation one that held abroad, in one of the exotic countries. Many want to relax away from the usual places to buy ready-made tours in any travel agency. But active people prefer to organize their own leisure.

Today holiday in Thailand - a kind of mainstream fashion trend. There is nothing better than for some time to come back in the summer, leaving the cold, howling wind and the Siberian snow, and enjoy a blissful beach doing nothing in Pattaya or Phuket. The easiest way on the way home from work to call the travel agency with a briefcase of money or credit cards, chat with beautiful girls and choose the purpose of the trip. Farther away from the tourist need to be at the appointed time in the right place - and all. The airport is waiting for the plane, airport arrival taken to the hotel where the room is ready. It remains only to relax, nothing to worry.

But there is another side. The hotel will be the one that is defined in the purchased round trip is the one and not the other, that is, tourists are left with the freedom to choose. Of course, the hotel is very decent, with a good level of service, but the price is quite high Acquired tour.

Organize a trip by yourself, you can save a good amount of money. Sometimes even a half or more. But to take care of finding the hotel, bookings and flights is quite difficult, especially if you set a goal to find the acceptable level of comfort options at an affordable price. At first, you may need to consult a physician. And you can visit the site , which brought together the most diverse information that can be useful especially for those who wish to organize a trip to Thailand alone.

The very first thing to do when self-organization of the trip - to decide on its purpose. Young people who prefer to rave vacation, you should pay attention to Pattaya. This resort town is one of the most popular among Russian tourists. Lovers relaxing family vacation is better to go to the island of Phuket.

Determine the direction of travel, you can search for the most suitable place for temporary residence. This can be a five-star luxury hotel and one of the budget options. You can book a hostel or take a small private house in the village, which would cost the tourists exactly cheap.
It only remains to book e-tickets at the lowest price - and everything is ready to travel.


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