On the border of the United States launched the face recognition system

US border guards run an experiment on the use of biometrics at the border. Part of the employees will be involved in verifying the performance of face recognition system.

This system will be used to your face with a photo in your passport compared the computer. Check system for border guards to be its citizens returning from other countries. Randomly selected people they photographed, then the program will compare this image with the one stored in the chip of the passport.

Initiatives for privacy and the protection of privacy, have expressed criticism of the program. Representative of the Center for Democracy and Technology says: "This program works with people who are in no way suspected and carry out normal activities. And suddenly they are required to provide their biometric data by which they can be identified in the future, and that will be stored in the system. This is a dangerous path leading to the potential for a variety of abuses ».

Border guards are assured that the photos will not be tied to the identity of the people, and will be stored in a database only with the time when they were made. And that at the end of the experiment and a half years pictures will be deleted. But critics say that these assurances can not be trusted. For example, in 2010, unexpectedly revealed that scanners that allow you to "look under clothes," visitors to the airport, despite assurances can store and even send the saved images.

The representative of the human rights organization EFF is worried about what will happen at the end of the experiment. "Today they are testing it at the border tomorrow, the system will recognize faces in all public places. Today, pictures are stored separately from other agencies, tomorrow they will share all and sundry ».

Specialist in Face Recognition from Carnegie Mellon University, in general wonder why the border guards needed such a program. Why try to replace the people who are already compare your face with a photo in the passport? Do people do not cope with it? - He asks.

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