Chapter Lyft: unmanned vehicles - this is not the future

Google, Tesla and Mercedes are working on unmanned vehicles, and the head of the service commissioned by taxi Lyft Logan Green denies such a future. Does he believe that the robotic vehicles will not be for us commonplace, or has a different motivation? After words of the head Uber «Unmanned vehicles - future, and drivers - no" very upset drivers working with this service.

"See, that's why the way the world is going. If Uber not follow it, it does not mean that there will be another way. The world is not always beautiful "- so Travis Kalanick in May last year soothed drivers who feared to lose the method of earnings. Then he tweeted he added that it is about the year 2035.

Drivers on uber_nyc making $ 90k / yr Driverless car is a multi-decade transition. Let's take a breath and I'll see you in the year 2035- travis kalanick (travisk) May 28, 2014 blockquote> Logan Green thinks the world of transport in the next five years will undergo changes: more and more people prefer to rent a car instead of buying their own. Eliminating personal transport - is, in fact, the company's mission Lyft, even if it is mostly known as a competitor Uber. "Our goal has never been improving taxi. We want to make owning a car unnecessary, "- says Green on SXSW .

Eliminating the need to have a car has serious consequences for society and for the market. This is not only an increase in income for taxi services, but also decrease the necessary infrastructure for cars, taxis transition to a new social norm, increasing the income of the individual.

Green position is that the robotic cars can not replace drivers. It is contrary to the position of the head Uber, so that it can be expressed precisely in order to differentiate the two services. And to entice drivers to the side Lyft.

In any case, experts believe that to convert cars to autonomous control will take many years. Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, talks about twenty years . Developers will greatly improve the system object recognition, lost control at a speed of 24 to 80 kilometers per hour and adjust the constant updating of security and solve many problems, including infrastructure.



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