Soon everyone will be able to make their eyes blue

Someone thinks it's a waste of $ 5000, but the procedure will help people with heterochromia

cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of the laser pigment of the iris, is even closer. CNN reports , that the tests were conducted this operation in Latin America, but prior to the approval of the United States is still far.

From a certain point of view, all eyes are blue: a hazel or any other pigment is always lurking blue iris. Western civilization considers blue eye appealing, but it has only one sixth of the population. Color from birth can not be changed or a scalpel or needle injection of medical or any other tool, and dissatisfied with their natural data had to be content lenses. But in about November 2011, in the news начала spread information about the Californian company Strōma Medical and its founder Gregg Homer. Sc.D. proposed to remove the pigment laser, and then for two weeks eyes take on a bluish tint.

explained the company's website, the procedure takes only a few minutes. The patient sits in front of a special setting in which it is forever fixed in the open position. This is not NewColorIris not BrightOcular - non-invasive surgery, no injections or holes is required. Work on each of the eye occurs individually. This, incidentally, makes it possible to treat heterochromia, a condition in which the iris of the eye has a different color. But probably still have to adjust both eyes in order to maximize the color was the same.

Then one eye closed and the second you need to look at a certain point, located about 30 inches from the face. For half a minute, soft and low-power laser is the surface of the cornea. Uses a combination of several kinds of wavelengths, Strōma Medical does not name specific numbers for commercial confidentiality. After this operation is performed for the other eye. The laser energy is very small, it is difficult to do much harm. The laser beam does not enter into the eye and does not fall on the retina, but even if it comes off, it will not cause damage to eyesight. In this procedure is completed, it often does not require re-execution. In the first few hours of the pupils are stretched, making it difficult driving and movement without the help of outsiders.

The result is not immediately evident: in the following week iris starts to get dark, but after that it becomes brighter, showing hidden natural shade. It should be noted that it will not necessarily be blue: some people have more gray color, while others - a little purple. The procedure does not affect the hue of blue of it depends on the structure of the cornea. We have Strōma Medical technology that allows us to predict before surgery, what shade of blue is hidden under the brown iris. The company may even make a collage of human face with his future blue eyes. All the color change within 2-4 weeks after the operation of the laser. The procedure is irreversible, at the moment there are no data on the regeneration of pigment. Strōma Medical claims that even an experienced ophthalmologist can not distinguish blue eyes at birth with adjusted pigment.

Some patients remains a significant limbal ring, comparable with what can be seen in Sharbat Gul on the cover of National Geographic magazine from June 1985. Remove it is impossible. If desired, the patient - some consider this a particularly attractive - ring can be formed during the operation. The whole procedure is effective for people of any nationality, it is possible to correctly conducted after laser surgery LASIK and PRK and astigmatism or myopia. Contraindications are problems with the cornea. Recommended age of the patient - 18 years.

As the image to the kata, this is only an illustration of the process. Pictures of real patients Strōma Medical has not yet published. Em>

The expected cost of operation - about $ 5,000. Not everyone likes blue eyes, and someone the whole idea seems pointless, but, as noted above, through the efforts of Strōma Medical possible to correct eye color of people with heterochromia. At the moment, the procedure is not available to everyone, yet made only test operation. In particular, the correction was 17 inhabitants of Mexico and 20 patients in Costa Rica. The company hopes to complete the tests within a few years. It is possible that somewhere outside the US commercial launch will take place at the end of this year, but so far there is no clear plans. Licensees will provide services, not the Strōma Medical. In the meantime, you can зарегистрироваться as a candidate, although the site indicated that the tests are considered residents of Costa Rica, Mexico, the Philippines, London, Paris, Toronto and Argentina.

technology inventor Gregg Homer procedures idea came for lunch with a friend, a dermatologist. They talk on the subject pigment removal laser, and on the way home Homer wondered how the laser can affect the pigment of the cornea. Strōma Medical was formed solely to work on technology change eye color, but most of Homer have несколько other patents in the fields of medical devices, media, communications and software. This inventor - a versatile man, he started out as a studio musician in the late sixties, and later, in college, founded a chain of clothing stores. For 20 years, Homer worked in the legal field, and in the nineties went to science - he was attracted by biology.

Of course, the activity of the company is open to criticism. Experts fear that the withdrawal of the pigment can clog the natural channels and thus increase the pressure in the eye. This condition can develop glaucoma, although such statements require long-term observations. Extra melanin protects from ultraviolet radiation, it is possible that it would be better to leave it in the amount that is in our genes. On the other hand, decorative contact lenses can also be dangerous, Office of FDA Food and Drug Administration warns about the possible consequences of their use: it is a pain, redness, blurred vision. Some studies say that beauty blue eyes can be a stereotype. But the value of Strōma Medical largely is to demonstrate the power of modern medicine today is feasible that only a decade ago seemed impossible. Would you like to have blue eyes?
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