Cassowary - the only genus of large flightless bird of the family unit kazuarovyh Casuariiformes living in the tropical forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia. Name of birds taken from the Indonesian language, which has the Papuan origin that means "horned head».
Although he looks like a turkey and appearance did not inspire fear, but it was he who made the Guinness World Records as the most deadly bird.
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Cassowaries are the largest bird in Australia and the second largest bird in the world (after the ostrich).
He has a sharp beak and talons, which in general is not uncommon for birds, its main feature - in extreme irritability. In fact, the bird is considered unpredictable, as always attacks the person first, that it weighs 85 kg and height under 2 meters often leads to tragic consequences.

Claw on the middle finger three-toed feet cassowary, up to 120 mm, and the bird is able to move at a speed of 50 km / h and jump on the 1, 5 meters in height, besides the cassowary excellent swims, so get away from angry birds to humans is virtually impossible. This behavior makes it extremely difficult cassowary its content in zoos.



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