Supercomputer for £ 97 million will predict the weather in your backyard


To the question "What is the weather in the UK" you with a precision of 75% can answer "lousy." But the British national weather service, Met Office, wants to predict the weather more accurately. Therefore, it has invested 97 million pounds (156 million dollars it or more than 6, 675 billion rubles) in the supercomputer Cray XC40. This 140-ton machine with 480 thousands of processors running 13 times faster than the current system from IBM.

advantage is that the system can predict the weather with geographic accuracy of 1, 5 kilometers. For other parameters, the system will also help to make more accurate forecasts - talking about wind, fog, ice and snow, which are essential for airports.


The supercomputer will help scientists to simulate the climate, allow you to see the impact of global warming on specific regions of the UK.

The system will be built at the Met Office and will become operational in 2015, but will work at full capacity in 2017. Cray XC40 gets 16 petaflops speed and 17 petabytes of disk space.



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