Way to raise the welfare of the people.

Residents Massachuchettsa a unique opportunity to earn enough good money sitting at the toilet. All that is needed - it voluntarily donate samples of their feces in OpenBiome bank fee, which is $ 40 for one serving. In the following wastes are used for the manufacture of so-called fecal transplants are used to treat bacterial infections of the intestine, which affect more than 500,000 Americans die each year and 14,000. Magic donor shit showed greater efficiency and allow to cure 75% of cases are irreversible earlier.
Feces can be taken daily, receiving $ 40 per serving. Total more than $ 1000 per month. For the US, the money is not so hot, but in Belarus it might be a way to raise the welfare of the people, to export and become a leader for economic growth in Europe. Belarusians could generate nearly 10 million meals a day!


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