About cats ...

1. Approximately 2/3 of the cats spend the day sleeping. So, the cat has lived 9 years, 6 of them slept!
2. Most cats yavyalyaetsya right-handed, and most cats - left-handed.
3. Who in the world lives more than 500 million domestic cats. The most "cat" country - it is Australia. There's 10 people there are 9 cats.
4. Hebrew legend: on the ark Noah bred mice and rats that are destroying the food. Noah began to pray to God, that he rein in rodents. God, in answer to the prayers made lion sneeze - and the sneeze of a lion appeared cat.
5. Normal domestic cat is able to run at speeds up to 50 km / h, but only for short distances.
6. A cat can jump to a height greater than 5 times its growth.
7. Persian cat - the most popular breed in the world. In second place are Maine Coons, and the third - Siamese cats.
8. While most countries in Europe and North America meeting with the black cat is considered a harbinger of trouble, the British and the Australians believe that black pussies bring good luck.
9. The ancient Egyptians, when their pet cat died, in a sign of mourning shaved eyebrows. The dead cat was embalmed and buried in the family tomb. To pussycat in the other realm did not starve, near the mummy cat put several mummies mice.
10. Currently, the largest cat is considered the Siberian tiger. This pussy can reach 3 to 5 m in length and weigh more than 300 kg.
11. Not all cats are afraid of water. For example, a cat breed "Turkish Van" loves to swim, because her hair is still waterproof.
12. In the Italian original fairy tale about Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, godmother of the main character was a cat!
13. Cats can not move the jaws from side to side, so they can not chew too big pieces of food.
14. Interestingly, the cat meow only when dealing with people. On their fellow cat may hiss, spit or purr, meow but not practically never.
15. Cats have claws on their front paws sharper than rear. At rest all the cats, except the cheetah hide claws. Cheetahs also are not able to pull the claws.
16. Cats can rotate their ears to 180 degrees, because their outer ear controls the muscles as much as 32. For comparison, a man of the muscles of the 6.
17. In the human body there are 206 bones in the body of a cat - 230, so they are much more plastic than we are. Since cats do not have collarbones, they can be entirely prolazit the holes in their head that prolazit.
18. "The imprint of the nose" every cat is as unique as fingerprints in humans.
19. The heart beats in cats is almost two times faster than that of men (110-140 beats per minute).
20. Cats can only sweat through the pads - in the rest of the body they do not have sweat glands.


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