Turbulent adolescence Pechkin

Do you know who in his youth was a postman Pechkin? No?

2. This controversial personally long privelekala attention organs.

3. And now, after spending a lot of time in the archives of the Criminal Investigation Department, checking footage operational surveillance of suspects and comparing them with photographs from the archives, operations group concluded that a citizen, hiding under the guise of a postman in a small village Buttermilk, none other than the swindler, the thief , recidivist Kurochkin !!!

4.Sravnitelny data analysis and outdoor advertising archive photo pokazyvet surprising similarity of appearance and habits of the young and elderly recidivist postman

5.A his desire to change the appearance using mustache only confirmed the assertion operatives

6.But one of the main clues - a cloak

7.Kotory suspect seems not remove never

8.Moshennik rubbed in trust with his charm to


10.No actually it is very suspicious






16.I dangerous man


18.I really do not like witnesses

19. And he is capable of much

20.I you also now know his secret.

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