Quadrocopter starred in Cirque du Soleil and the PTI Zurich

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While quadrocopter not become "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" and began to slay the people, they can entertain us, including dancing.

Cirque du Soleil and the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, together made the project, which culminated in a short film about a lonely wizard appliances. After a short-circuit lamps come alive, playing quirky dance in interaction with humans. No special effects in the film - only quadrocopter in shade.

Under habrakatom - short film «Sparked» , «film the movie" and a few photos of the process.

Sparked h4>

Backstage h4> Before this film professionals from Zurich already priladit letatayuschim gadgets to head to force them to collect a wall of bricks and flip through one thread to another. In the end, after the addition of light elements to quadrocopters accidentally got the idea of ​​making this film.

The film starred actors 11: 1 and 10 people live quadrocopter.

A few shots with the preparation h4>

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