Social network "for the rich"

It is with this approach on August 26 of this year, a new social network ("codename» Facebook for Rich People).

Join this network is neither more nor less - 9000 USD, but the further extension of the subscription will cost "only" 3,000 USD per year.
From these figures? Network Creator James Touchi-Peters ( states that these amounts "are comparable to the cost of membership in the best clubs in the country».

Positioning of the network - a club for those who have more money than time.

Main site, unfortunately, is not available to the public -
However, can get bit of information.

Netropolitan promises:
- Available worldwide - meet people with similar interests and lifestyles;
- Security and privacy - all the network resources are not available to ordinary users of the Internet, including search engines (supposedly even all communications will be encrypted);
- Lack of advertising;
- Moderation - the community will constantly monitor, also promised help available for each member of the club;
- Always available - except dekstopnyh versions planned mobile versions, as well as spetsprilozheniya for Android and iOS.

From the FAQ interesting, in my opinion, questions and answers:
- To join the club you must be over 21 years old;
- Netropolitan never tell about their members, even how many of them;
- Communicating in English (except private messages).

On the other hand, the tour says only that the network has a completely standard functionality. Is that in the appendage to access - each member receives unlimited storage in the cloud.

Couple of links:
Page on FB
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