Palace for little princesses

this picture with the front camera nephew.
almost ready to lock

first (last year) was that

Now that's

as in the room on the walls hung a lot of things

all had to disassemble

remove and take away the cottage

for further use

after dismantling the boat was only closet

TV I hung from the ceiling that used during the repair of the background listening to everything

as polkorablya mounted to the ceiling

he was killed

plasterers, painters hired and they even brought out a beautiful ceiling

on the wall, I immediately stuck cork
and sound and heat insulation
pasted on the H-88 and on the wall and plug

then prishlepal Area
Aluminum 20x20
experience with the vehicle know - very firmly holds!
height - the floor of the room that is 1.30m

I place all the pieces in real

went on the column tube from a roll of linoleum, in any market sellers linola give you these pipes, as they have to throw them away.

arch of plywood 4mm
easily sawn and set

then tied in all corners of the perimeter, which will embed the entire castle

part of the bracket secured to the cabinet

this area of ​​the second floor of the castle
Eight plywood.

the rest of the floor made of six

CREPLA columns

insert pieces with cut-outs in the form of windows

the same pieces of solid residues from the sheets to the end of the batten walls

try on the future staircase

and begin the second floor
plywood on the turret triple (well bent and fortified able to withstand heavy loads)

and sawed easily jigsaw

do steps (later stage oboshyu carpet)

large panel decided to rise, according to the type of kitchen cabinets that would be on the floor could reach the second floor of the castle (to fill the bed, for example, or simply to get a child)

teeth on "The Wall" - plywood triple

on the turret did not have teeth made of plywood hardboard

then all the white paint to paint
acrylic for interior
(I understand is expensive, but after the glue H-88 is better that does not stink than cheap)

I must say that the bank is written consumption 24 sq m actually flow twice

and then came the spouse (was on vacation at sea with children)

children left for a week with my mom ...

it is bad draws, so the entire art piece is entirely her


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