Berlin Hbf

May 26, 2006 in Berlin, the grand opening of the new main station. The building once received
worldwide fame and the honorary title "Station of the Year" and in 2008 earned the highest award for the best design.
Station just fucking, otherwise you will not tell. Very beautiful, modern building.
Trains arrive at different floors-levels station. Eight of the platform below, six -
above, and two subway platform. The scale can already imagine the truth?

As of December 2008, through the main railway station in Berlin every day passes in 1207 (I have it in my head just does not fit) trains and 300,000 passengers. I also note that this is the most convenient station, I saw a most convenient and interesting layout. Find the right way is very simple, like to run to him, despite the cyclopean size of the building. Everywhere hanging placards, terminals, clear and child pointers - in general, it is difficult to get lost in a train station. Even without knowledge of the German language :)


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