Fascinating "Big Cats"

Photographer from South Carolina Jay Vincent Musi uses dark background as a basis to brighten convey the power of large predatory felines. Lynx, lions, leopards, tigers, cheetahs, leopards ... His inexhaustible collection called "Big Cats" fascinates with its detail.

In order to successfully create each photo, Musi and his team have created a special space for each animal. To create a dark background, use paint, dark paper, special lighting. Animal to move freely, and the photographer caught the right moment.

Musi attracted to business experts and hunters, as untamed animal is a real danger for the whole team. A few weeks before Musi managed to do several portraits.

Musi writes in his blog:

"No animals were harmed during filming. On the contrary, we are worried about them, enriched while interacting with them. To realize that we, the people, but a link in the food chain of these predators, quite scary, as many goosebumps ยป


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