New Life Peach

An amazing thing happened with the homeless cat who found a new life, a new home owners. As it turned out terrible appearance, a variety of diseases and injuries fell back very soon. About how good people win public naplevatelstvo read in continuation of the post.

That's the - dirty, with bedsores and plicas with immobilized hind legs got a kitten in an apartment

Dirt scoured mats vystrizheny ... Now - and the vet can seem ... Hind legs immobilized and remove in the opposite direction.

Before driving in vetstantsiyu, washed in several stages ... From long lying - the entire lower part - solid decubitus

Festered eyes, left cheek and neck proklёvany crows

The picture shows damage to the spine, because it does not work hind legs ... Appointed injections, massage and tablets

Began a daily struggle for the restoration of health

On the left cheek was not there simmetrichna- rasklёvannaya birds wound.

Wounds heal slowly ... All in Zielonka.

Here eyes podlechil

Now his name is Peach.

Hobby - look out the window.

And day and night - on your favorite window.

Goes limp

Gradually acquires a silky shёrstkoy

Young, playful cat-Purring ... Let bite elbows former owners, who surely saw fallen from the apartment of a kitten, a few days lying on the ground near the high-rise buildings under their windows, but decided not to tie the problems of rescue.



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