First time abroad and naturally Turlyandii

After making the reservation (in the three months prior to departure) perelapatil a bunch of other sites with hotel reviews.
Note: if you're interested then we were his little family in Belek - otle Belkonti (no advertising, just dry statement and transmission of impressions).
They wrote about him a lot of things both good and terrifying, but as they say the loot gave Pozdnjak rush. And indeed the main purpose of reading the reviews was to clarify for themselves what nuances of behavior - all are for the first time.
Before the flight was a little nervous trembling of his daughter, all are to her for almost five years and it will take, even if it is not long, but still fly. But fortunately everything went bang.
At the airport in the international terminal immediately alerted one thing - under the roof of the main hall of the Vistula only two flags - Turkey and Germany?!
"Well, okay - what is their troubles" - I thought, and with a little distrust of this sunny country went in search of the bus, which was supposed to bring us to the hotel.
Out on the street, and as I went to the reception of the tour operator I overtook another thought: "Fuck qb! I want ssuka home !!! Duhata, her mother, all of which the circle is not Russian ... »
First look at the sea from the lobby

But coming to the hotel and looked, from a distance of a few meters of the sea all the negative gradually went away and formed a smile on his face moron. "This is a sea" - in the head meeeeedleno sounded. Sober up from the first impression to his wife: "How can we expect? When we settled ??? "- I went to solve this issue by building a parallel plans on how I should withdraw from the budget money for the dream (jet ski and golf).
Populated. The expectations are justified. Describe in detail the convenience rooms does not make sense.
Go ahead ...
Water fresh milk (t + 29C), the wave: in the morning a small - for children the most it in the afternoon - the kids out there doing nothing. Still, some shell-shocked mom, in her arms under the wild cries and screams of children forcibly dragged into the water.
On the first day noticed that the number of towels on sunbeds, is - "Place scored!", Obviously not match the number of people are on the beach and in the water - once home to a breath))) By the way until the end and I did not understand the habit because really, at any time during the day, you can find free sun beds, and where they could drag convenient place for you, and it's even you will not look askance.
It struck by another, that some people, and not compatriots, do not consider it necessary to respect others. For example:
 - A group of two families with a clear "pshekaniem" in a conversation with absolutely no compunction smoking among all the other (with a special area where there were others), throwing cigarette butts in the sand, which runs a huge number of children, as once the meter could not pass to throw a glass of juice;
 - And two ladies, I thought Hispanic, 50-55 years or so by stoutish constitution, considered absolutely normal topless sunbathing, despite the fact that in two or three meters away from them in the sand the kids are busy, but what's there in two or three meters, there the whole beach full of children - such as a family hotel, is considered.
Such a variety of food, I have not seen anywhere else, although I do not particularly compared with what - the average Moscow cafes, canteens yes departmental rest homes. Yet, not only is the food in any quantity throughout the day and even every day is different. The first time in my life tried Tuna, which immediately and cut in front of people. Feeling peculiar, I want to see.
The same tuna.

The restaurant "buffet" also drew attention to this point:
 - Typing a couple of three plates of various foods, our compatriot, wandering in search of a way, and then he had a few kartofilin stock slid to the floor, because he was so confused, it had to be seen in the eyes of some the fear that he has committed a crime and malicious cleaners it certainly punish for it, but all in vain. While specially trained people swept from the floor had fallen potatoes, our hero is a hundred times with a small bow apologized to him.
 - Just a day there was something similar, but with subjects Merkel, as the one with the fallen pofigizmom watched chunks of watermelon, which, unlike the potato scattered on the floor of the restaurant, went aloft with his nose further.
Evening shows.
Performances every night was different, and in my opinion quite interesting to complete the rest of the day at sea. Entertainment programs are international, were presented in several languages: Eng., Turkish, German and Russian. Our kids are more sociable, I again thought, and with great interest to go to participate in the entertainment programs.
A dream come true.
Golf - Heras two)))))))))) in the presence of 16 golf courses, just after the fence of the hotel, could not play there. In the hotel explained, saying that fields belong to any club out there and play for them can only holidaymakers and that some of the hotels for the money, and not small))))
Jet Ski. When you look from the shore to those who are riding a feeling that it is not particularly interesting and impressive. What is it, what that 10 minutes off the coast, back and forth. But holding the "trigger" and after driving a few meters in the first buoy, the opinion changed immediately !!! From the sea, the distance is felt differently in the first seconds of my points could scrap snack (provided that I do not shy, to extreme situations on the debt service of the former immunity, know how to swim and be nice). But it took a moment and used. And immediately I began to check the possibility of the bike. Disperse it on the waves of up to 35 miles per hour. Feelings inexpressible - wind ialo splash there, fly intestine through the body in different directions - just super. Arriving at the beach in the first ten minutes of shaking hands like parkensonschika))))
Generally quiet glanders vacation ended.
Common feelings and impressions are positive, but we must go to Tula without his samovar))))))))
About vacationers want to add. Before leaving I was told that they say in Turkey 90% of Russian holidaymakers, and the remaining Germans. I do not know personally, my check was much less Russian declaration, 45-50%, the same Germans were well in the area of ​​20%, and the rest generally heterogeneous: the Poles and Czechs, and representatives of UWB, and Kazakhs, and Fina ... in general, a lot of whom were. And yes! The Ukrainians were also. Above us lived a little family - the good guys, even the smallest futbolchik our kids to drive on the field. And unfortunately there were BendHohly, although seen a couple of times. I would maybe would not have to focus on them, well, very much they stand out from the crowd of holidaymakers went to the beach in the four-CCT is not built there, all in identical T-shirts in the colors of the national flag, shaved, looking like a big mountain with a height by removing their shirts showed tattoos "tridents" and all that. To be honest not a nice feeling, especially amid reports of conflicts among tourists in different hotels (I think you know what). By the way while walking in the district town talked with residents, one of whom he spoke about the big fight with the Ukrainians in the Russian hotel, which could be resolved only with the arrival of the gendarmes and the military. And on the side of Ukarintsev involved in a fight the Germans from the Russian - Kazakhs and Dagestanis, which stood up for the Russians.
A general attitude toward Russian in Turkey is good, if there is no Nemets, this case, forget about us and start bundasam cringe. This is my personal observation. But at the same time with the Russian staff, so that there is staff, ordinary people in the same district town, communicate more openly and with a smile. The central bar saw a picture that when ordering a drink Germans, he ordered and left with it an order from his mouth sounded like an order, as if our requests, and the Turks are not averse to our triple exchange a few words, joke, laugh together .
It would have been nice, but our flight home fell on the period of time when only one of the 10 flights depart to Moscow, the other in different cities of Germany. And there is also not without its unpleasant moments. They do not inspect the bag, passport control and 15 seconds served us obshmonali from head to toe, in the passport looked at 10 minutes ... in general not a pleasant feeling. And the flight was delayed, waiting until 5 aircraft will fly Lufthansa.
I make a small conclusion: prepodnosimye from TV screens stereotype of Russian holidaymakers in Turkey in my eyes was not justified. Overall happy holiday. But in one of the breakfast holding hands EvroPid * ry vybesili the root! ))))
All a pleasant stay over the hill or at home! Rest is needed by all !!!
Ps: «If anyone offended in its report do not take it personally, I do not have anything personal to anyone, my subjective feelings and impressions about the first zabugorskom holiday. Thanks to all! I apologize for the errors and spelling! »



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